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If your name is not on this Black Belt Tree,
it is because you (he or she) made your original Black Belt
from another teacher and not Grandmaster Pesare,
and Grandmaster Pesare will not take credit for
your original teacher.

S. George Pesare's Knights of the Round Table

.Black Belt Tree


Original Black Belts


Non-Original Black Belts
(those promoted by SGM Simeone George Pesare)

Steve Nugent - Grandmaster - 10th Degree -
Mark Sheeley - Grandmaster - 10th Degree
Hubert J. Paquette, Grandmaster - 10th Degree
Tony Cogliandro - Grandmaster - 10th Degree
Donald Rodrigues - Grandmaster - 10th Degree
Nancy Lee Cerio - Grandmaster - 10th Degree
Dolores Bastone - Grandmaster - 10th Degree -
High Seniority
Cecil Andrews II - Grandmaster - 9th Degree
Roger C. Carpenter (1) - Grandmaster - 10th Degree
Kathy Shuras - Grandmaster - 9th Degree
Jean Guy Angell (Canada) -Grandmaster - 10th Degree
Michael Burton - Grandmaster - 9th Degree
Donna L. Vinbury - Grandmaster - 10th Degree
(1st Woman in Kenpo/Kempo to obtain this honor)
Christine Bannon Rodrigues - Grandmaster -
9th Degree
Gilman Whiting - Grandmaster - 10th Degree
Richard Demas - 9th Degree
Vincent Pezzi - Grandmaster - 10th Degree
Steven A. Lombardi - 9th Degree
Nick Cerio
Robert Nohelty - 8th Degree
Marc Ayotte - Grandmaster - 10th Degree
James Bryant - 8th Degree
Armen Garo - Grandmaster - 9th Degree
Joe Shuras - 8th Degree
Robert Messore - Grandmaster - 9th Degree
James Morrill - 4th Degree
Linda Herzog (1)- Grandmaster - 9th Degree
Jeannine Casey - 4th Degree
David Wigal - Grandmaster - 9th Degree
Jesse Dwire - 1st Degree (summer camp '98)
Shea Carpenter - Grandmaster - 9th Degree
Ray Campanini - Grandmaster - 9th Degree
Raymond Moulton - Grandmaster - 9th Degree
Michael Mullen - Grandmaster - 9th Degree
George Garcia - 4th Degree
Andrew B. Peppard
Maria Berry
Willie Landry
Milton Bennings - 4th Degree
Kurt Parisi - 4th Degree
Arthur Gianfrancesco
Albert M. DeCristofano - 1st Degree
Fred Menna
Paul Graves
Ralph Bomba
John Lombardi
Hugo Rossi
Anthony M. Pesare
Lisa M. Pesare
Anthony G. Pesare
Anthony Zangari
Gerrick Van Deusen
Aniris Javier
Andres Javier
William O'Brien
Ken Pistacchio
Sean Phinney
Marie Barkley
Raymond Calouri
Anthony Cipriano
Al Leonetti
Gary Monti
Peter Vieira
Kevin Gruca
John Decalogero
Harry Butler - 4th Degree
Patricia Azarian
Nick DeLuca
Charles Lee (WH)
Robert Barber (WH)
Mark Marcantonio
Dennis Passaretti (WH)
Michael Luster (WH)
John Levsque (WH)
Joel Weltman (WH)
Robert Ryan (WH)
Robert Hamlin (WH)
Paula Pucino (WH)
Joseph Maggio (WH)